The AMA (WA) works hard to promote the interests of doctors in training (DiTs) across our State, at all stages of their training

The Australian Medical Association (WA) offers industrial and professional guidance, support and representation for all DiTs. Our workplace advocacy, member benefits and professional services are designed to represent and promote your professional interests, supporting your journey to specialisation.

The AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Practice Group places DiTs at the heart of AMA (WA) policy making and political advocacy.

Hospital Health Check 2019  

The AMA (WA) Hospital Health Check has become one of the most significant influences on a junior doctor’s choice of workplace.

The 2019 survey once again showed that a hospital’s reluctance to engage with junior doctors reaps no benefits, and that real change is yet to be realised at some sites. More than 750 DiTs across WA answered our annual survey about education, wellbeing, morale and industrial issues. View the 2019 Hospital Health Check Report Card by clicking here.


AMA (WA) Hospital Health Check Survey Results





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