Our Board

The AMA (WA) Board is composed of the President, Immediate Past President and Vice Presidents of the Association in addition to five AMA (WA) Councillors who are elected by the Council

At least one Board member must be a Doctor in Training at the time of appointment to the Board.

Board members conduct their duties on a voluntary basis.

AMA (WA) Board

Dr Andrew Miller


Dr Mark Duncan-Smith

Vice President

Dr David McCoubrie

Vice President

Dr Omar Khorshid

Immediate Past President

Five AMA (WA) Councillors elected by the Council to sit on the AMA (WA) Board.

Clinical Associate Professor David Mountain

Board Member

Associate Professor Rosanna Capolingua

Board Member

Dr Michael Page

Board Member (DiT Representative)

Dr Marcus Tan

Board Member

Dr Simon Torvaldsen

Board Member

The AMA (WA) Board is responsible for:

  • managing the affairs and business of the Association;
  • exercising the powers and functions of the Association;
  • performing any acts which appear necessary for the proper management and conduct of the Association’s business, and the promotion and attainment of objects;
  • governing the affairs of the Association;
  • delegating the day-to-day management of the Association or any other function of the Board to an appointed person; and
  • ensuring that all activities of the Association are carried out in conformity with the Constitution, the requirements of the law and in particular the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 as amended from time to time.

The AMA (WA) Council remains responsible for the development and review of medico-legal policy and can make recommendations to the Board on any matter deemed necessary by the Council or the Board.